At our ski school in Verbier we are proud to offer private ski lessons and kids’ classes with the most professional, friendly and capable instructors in the business. We go out of our way to find, train and nurture people who love teaching and want to share their skills and knowledge with you. To discuss your requirements, please contact us or call +41 27 771 6222.

Born and raised in the Alps, Anthony is a ski and snowboard instructor who has always been passionate about nature, mountains and snowsports. He loves to share his passion with as many people as possible: beginners, intermediates, cruisers, carving or mogul field fans, freeriders... It's all about discovering new

Arthur has travel and adventure mixed in with his diverse French, Slovene and English blood! Born in Liverpool and attending school in Wales, New Zealand and India, Arthur has been all over the world from a young age. Becoming qualified as a ski instructor in Whistler, Canada Arthur has always

Benson has nearly 30 years of experience in the ski industry. He is top qualified and loves showing his clients around the beautiful mountains of Verbier.

Benson’s clients say:“Benson ROCKED. He was able to very quickly take my two sons to the next level. I would strongly recommend both

Brita has worked as a ski instructor in Sweden since 2018. She’s full of energy, loves meeting new people and spending time in the mountains. If you want to explore the mountains or work on a special skill or technique, she’s your girl! She’s on skis every time she gets

Carl has been a ski-instructor since 1986. Since he developed the passion for skiing, Carl has become a full on multi addict to outdoor sports and outdoor life in general. He has been working as ski instructor for 35 years and still has an unbroken passion for snowsports.


Born and raised in the Valaisan Alps, Clara knows Verbier like the back of her hand. With a background in ski racing, she’s confident with the technical aspects of skiing, and loves seeing her clients grow in confidence and ability on the slopes. She’s friendly, patient, and loves teaching all

Cynthia has been working as an instructor across continents and ski fields for numerous seasons now. She’s always pursuing new opportunities to share her love and passion for skiing with her clients, friends and family while helping them to achieve their goals and to progress within the sport. When she

Dag took his first turns at the age of 3. Since then, he has been in love with the sport, both alpine and Cross-country. At 9 years old, he began competing for the local ski club in Sweden where he became a race coach 7 years later. By working

Dorian has only one thing on his mind - skiing! Hailing from Lyon, France, Dorian wakes up every morning with a desire to get out onto the slopes. For him, what makes him happiest in life is to share his passion of skiing. Dorian is a believer in all his clients

Emma transferred to Verbier having previously been part of ES in Zermatt where she worked alongside their ISIA academy programme. She has been an instructor since 2013, teaching alpine, adaptive and race coaching. Emma is a passionate and motivated individual, having taught seasons in Austria, New Zealand and Australia, in addition

Erik is dual qualified to teach both skiing and snowboarding, and has worked as an instructor since 2014. This winter in Verbier will be Erik's 14th season overall, after seasons in Switzerland, Australia, Japan, and Canada.
From teaching first timers to advanced, Erik has an easygoing, relaxed personality, and

Felix loves the mountains and is devoted to his skiing. For the past four years Felix has worked as an instructor for a Swedish ski school. Before that he competed in Freeride skiing with the “Winter Park Big Mountain Team” in Colorado, USA during an exchange and it is still

Hi, I am Florentina also called Flo! I am a ski instructor from Sweden and I have been skiing since I was 3 years old. I was 8 years old when I started my race career and I finished it in 2020. After my career I wanted to share my

"J’aime la technique du ski, et partager mes connaissances.” “ I love ski technique and sharing my knowledge”

Freddy’s clients say :“I don’t usually write reviews but I am so happy with my experience skiing with ES...I felt so much more confident than before. This was the

Fredrik (or nickname Frippe) has worked as a ski instructor since he was 16 yrs old. He worked mainly in Sweden and has skied mountains around the globe. Frippe loves teaching and sharing his experience in skiing to non-experienced as well as the very experienced in all slopes and

After leaving University, I headed out to the Alps to do “one, or maybe two” ski seasons. Twelve years later I still can’t think of a good reason to head home to the UK and am loving life in the mountains as much as ever! I have many years’ experience

Gustav is a 20 year old swede that loves skiing and has found his dream job. He has been skiing ever since he could fit in a a pair of ski boots. Gustav is a nice and positive instructor that is very adaptable with his skills. The most important thing

Helena is doing her second season in Verbier as a ski instructor this winter. In the summer, when not in the mountains, she’ll be found in a sailing yacht, sailing across the world.

Helena loves meeting new people and teaching them different techniques, games and exercises to keep them safe

Henry left his flat and mountainless home of London in order to pursue the peaks and valleys of  places like Japan, Canada and now Verbier as an instructor. Henry strives to share his passion for skiing and the outdoors with his clients by creating a fun, safe and supportive environment

JT knows his way around a pair of skis, and has coached since he was 15 years old in numerous sports. His ski seasons instructing are complimented by his Sport and Exercise Science degree. He has skied in Japan, New Zealand, France, Canada and Switzerland. In his spare time James loves free-riding, biking, playing guitar and

John started skiing at the age of seven when his aunt gave him her old skis. The size-wise completely disproportionate equipment didn't stop him from walking up every hill in the neighbourhood to enjoy skiing. This new passion dominated after school activities and eventually led to participation in

Jonas has accumulated over 25 years of instructor experience, having worked with European Snowsport from the beginning over 20 years ago and even before then as an instructor in Åre, Sweden for 5 years. He primarily teaches alpine, telemark and cross country skiing. Jonas is also the head of ESSE

Julian Griffiths started skiing in 1982, age eight. Skiing became a family obsession. A stint racing in his teens led to coaching roles and a decision to pursue a career as a ski instructor. He is now the founder, owner and boss of European Snowsport (ES).

In 1994 Julian became

Kate first came to Verbier in 2008 as a chef for “just one season” she told herself. Once here though, she fell in love with the mountains and decided to take her love of skiing to the next level by becoming a ski instructor and hasn’t looked back since. Kate

Lillie was born in London, but has chased winters across the world as an instructor since qualifying in 2016. Her pursuit has led to places ranging from Switzerland to New Zealand (and even in an indoor ski centre in London). Having worked at ES in Nendaz prior to working in

Luca is from Italy but he also speaks fluent English and some Russian (but is not fluent).  He holds the Brevet Federale qualification. After studying finance at university, he decided to focus on skiing.  Between 2009 and 2012 he travelled around the Alps ski teaching and mountaineering, with

Lukas has worked as a ski instructor since 2018. He has until now been located in Sweden, and is this year going for his first season abroad. Lukas is a pleasant guy from Stockholm who enjoys teaching everyone from first-timers, to the powder seeking shredders.

Why did you choose

Luke fell in love with skiing on a school trip when he was 14. Since then he has been a ski instructor in Canada,Australia and Japan. However his favourite resort is Verbier and he has done 9 seasons here teaching.

What do you do in the summers?

I live

Maja has now been two seasons in Verbier and has worked as a ski instructor in Sweden since she was 15 years old. She has skied her whole life and loves it.  She chose Verbier because her sister did a season in Verbier and she heard lots about the

Mattia is an incredibly passionate skier with a huge love for the mountains. Originally from Italy and with a background founded in racing, Mattia's love of skiing has led him across the globe. He has taught and toured in countries such as New Zealand, Japan, Switzerland and Scotland. Mattia

Neal is one of the most experienced ski instructors in Verbier and has been teaching for over 25 years, 22 of those years in Verbier. Having an excellent knowledge of the Verbier pistes helps him provide the best places for delivering the right ski lesson.

He has many regular clients

Nelly has now been four seasons in Verbier and done a total of seven seasons. As you may suspect, skiing is her passion!

She chose Verbier because of the off-piste, the nice people and beautiful environment. Her dad also did a season here many years ago. Her favourite place

Born in Switzerland, Olivier has been skiing since he was three years old. He has worked as a ski instructor for over 20 years and lived in Verbier for over 10 years. He says, “Skiing is for me passion, liberty and perfection! It can make good things even better and

Olle is a very positive, happy and passionate ski instructor who has been training and coaching skiers since 2010. He makes sure that every day is exciting, happy and productive for the guest. Olle likes to ski with all types of skiers from young people to the elderly. If you

Oscar has always loved the outdoors. This passion brought him to Tignes, nestled in the French alps where as a chalet host he experienced his first ski season. However, while here in Verbier during his second season in 2016 he trained as an instructor and like many others became hooked

Oskar has been skiing since he was three years old. When he turned 6, he started practicing alpine skiing with his local race club. Once he turned 16 he then started working as a coach for the younger kids in his club. He also worked at the local ski school

Oskar is a 20 year old from Sweden who loves skiing and all that comes with it. He likes to help people have a better time when they are out on the mountain. Oskar is a kind and calm guy that always trying his best to help out. For Oskar

Saga is an easy-going and charming Swedish girl who has worked as a ski instructor since 2016 in Sweden. She's been skiing in the Alps since she was a little girl and is excited about this season in Verbier. Saga is eager to help you advance on whatever

Sandy has lived in Verbier for 14 years and has the highest qualification in the British and Swiss systems. A believer in making the most of your holiday, Sandy is a brilliant guide to what’s going on around town and on the slopes. After a three year sabbatical from ski

Simon has been skiing for as long as he can remember, and for the last four years he’s been working for a skiing school in Sweden. On a day off work you’ll find him either carving on the slopes or enjoying some fresh powder. Doesn’t matter if you’re a complete

Stef was born and raised on the flat terrain of Holland but that didn’t stop him from seeking out and exploring the mountains. Learning to both ski and snowboard at an early age, Stef would originally only go to the snow for one week per year but eventually, after spending

Stephanie was born in the Alps and has always been skiing and snowboarding.  She is dynamic, optimistic and fun.

Stephanie's clients say 'Stephanie has been an amazing instructor and it was a pleasure to learn snowboarding with her. She’s incredibly patient and always comes up with new ways of

When you ski with Steve, you know you’re with someone who cares about creating the best experience possible for you. With 40 years of ski teaching experience in the US and now in Switzerland, Steve has the skills and expertise to help you be more comfortable and have more fun

Stuart  hails from Glasgow, Scotland and started skiing at a young age. His great interest in, knowledge of and talent for skiing lead him to carve out a career in instructing which has taken him many places including France, Austria, Italy, Andorra and now Verbier. Stuart loves to teach all

William is 24 years old and started skiing when he turned 3. He is a calm person who enjoys all types of skiing.

He choose to teach snowsport from the experience he had when he was younger and went to skischool in Sweden.

Less is more... He finds the most

Zac is passionate about skiing, snowboarding, learning languages and the lifestyle that goes along with working in the ski industry.

Zac has taught guests skiing and snowboarding over 28 seasons in five languages across five countries. He has also taught guests for ten seasons in Verbier, he lives in Spain