Private snowboard lessons

Perfect for adults, kids and small groups

Why private snowboard lessons?

  • Start anywhere
  • Start any time
  • No surcharge for add-ons
  • Learn at your pace
  • Get to know the resort
  • Fun Instructors
  • Patient Instructors
  • Free Electro Taxi From Hotel to Lift (Zermatt only) with all day lessons.
free Taxi With a ski lesson in Zermatt

Private lessons with ES

Private lessons are the quickest way to improve skills on the snow for both adults and children; improve at your own pace with a dedicated and carefully chosen ES instructor who will tailor your time together so that you learn in a way that exactly suits you. Video feedback is included for faster improvement.

All our instructors speak English and love to teach, and are happy to meet you the afternoon before the lessons start to help plan the week. Lessons start wherever you’d like; the instructor can come to your accommodation, rental shop, ski lift, cafe, or wherever you prefer, on the first morning.  The timings of full-day lessons are dictated by you; all ES instructors know the mountain intimately and will guide you to the best places to ride, eat and explore.

There is no extra charge for adding family or friends to your private lessons, so the group size can vary at different times according to your needs.

Beginners and children also greatly benefit from private lessons, as they learn the important fundamental aspects of snowboarding, and at their own pace, creating a solid foundation from which to grow into a strong and confident boarder.

One on One

Verbier Ski Instructor Private Ski Lessons

Private snowboard lessons are a good alternative to our kids group lessons if you would like more individual attention for your child. Our adaptive lessons are also private lessons often with volunteers helping. Often company ski and snowboard trips hire several private instructors to look after a parties including mixed abilities and requirements. If your party requires more than one instructor we will appoint a team leader to coordinate your needs prior to arrival.

Want to be picked up from your jet in a fleet of helicopters, no problem.

Off-Piste Private Lessons

Off-Piste Overview

  • Learn Off-Piste Techniques
  • Learn to use Tranceiver
  • Learn to plan a line
  • Learn avalanche signs
  • Explore terrain
  • Ideal prep for high mountain guide days

Off-Piste Private Lessons

Unless you know the mountain very well, it is advisable to take one of our highly qualified expert ES instructors who will open up the playground and show you places that you hadn’t dreamed of.  This is certainly a good investment for an unforgettable few days of heaven.

There is a great deal of flexibility in private lessons, so we suggest that you give us a call or email us, and we can discuss your needs and create a perfect off-piste boarding solution just for you.

Safety Equipment

Private Ski Lessons

Need kit for your off-piste adventure? Our host shops in each resort will hapily help you find or hire the right safety Equipment. Your Instructor will help you organise this before the lesson.

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