Adaptive Ski Lessons

Overcoming impairments to enjoy the freedom of the mountains

ES Adaptive

The ES Adaptive Programme aims to assist people with disabilities so that they can enjoy the thrill and freedom of the mountains with family and friends, whether the impairment is sensory, cognitive or physical.

European Snowsport offers a unique service to all clients; the less able, disabled or the elderly.  Our highly experienced and qualified adaptive instructors provide bespoke adaptive tuition, guiding and equipment for all types of skiers.  We love teaching both beginners and full-time athletes and are passionate about ensuring that you gain the ultimate snow experience.  With the correct equipment and instruction, everyone can enjoy the thrill of the mountains.

The ES Adaptive Programme is linked with European Snowsport, and runs in association with Disability Snowsport UK. Thanks to the generous support of the Verbier population, we are fortunate enough to have one of the best equipped adaptive snowsport schools in Europe.


Making a booking is easy – Simply Contact us and fill out the two forms below.  Our programme is run by our Adaptive Manager and to get you out on the snow quickly and guarantee our availability, it is essential that you book in advance. We can also provide PDF versions of our forms should you require them – just ask.

ES Adaptive Client Participation Form

ES Adaptive Doctor Form

Please contact our Adaptive Manager to find out more, discuss your requirements and answer any queries you may have in relation to your holiday, or please visit our desk in Mountain Air if you are in resort.

We look forward to skiing with you soon!

[email protected]

Have you had a Good Time?

If you have had a fantastic time with us, then we would love to hear about it and your snowtastic experiences! Please let us know and spend a few moments to share your experiences with us below.

ES Adaptive Experience Evaluation Form

Our Equipment

  • x3 Bi-unique (child, junior and adult size bi-skis)
  • x2 Mountain man (junior and adult bi-ski)
  • All the different tethers and loading equipment for chair lifts, t bars and pomas and variety of fixed and handheld outriggers
  • x1 Mogul master (x1 frame with an adjustable seat to fit a child, junior and adult)
  • visual impairment bibs
  • a variety of different ski tip attachments
  • stand-up tethers
  •  stand-up outriggers

Want to get Involved?

We are very fortunate to have the dedicated support of volunteers to provide on-snow support and help with our lessons. A lot of time and effort goes into Adaptive Snowsports and without this generous support it would not be possible for us to run.  If you would like to be involved in our Adaptive programme and help out, please get in touch as we are always looking for volunteers.  You can contact the ES office on [email protected] or complete our form below.

ES Adaptive Volunteer Sign-up Form

European Snowsport Adaptive Equipment

We have an extensive range of adaptive equipment that includes:


  • 3 Bi-unique (child, junior and adult size bi-skis)
  • 2 Mountain man (junior and adult bi-ski)
  • Plus all necessary tethers and loading equipment for chair lifts, t-bars and drag lifts,  and variety of fixed and hand held outriggers.
  • 1 Mogul Master – frame with adjustable seat to fit child, junior and adult
  • Visual impairment bibs
  • A variety of ski tip attachments
  • Stand up tethers and outriggers

ES Adaptive is able to cater for all the adaptive disciplines with level 2 instructors; mono-ski, bi-ski, visual impairment, 3 and 4 track skiing, and learning disabilities.  We have had complete beginners as well as those with more experience.

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