At our Nendaz ski school we are proud to offer private ski lessons and kids’ classes with the most professional, friendly and capable instructors in the business. We go out of our way to find, train and nurture people who love teaching and want to share their skills and knowledge with you. To discuss your requirements, please contact us or call +41 27 565 3233.

Mel is joint owner of ES Nendaz along with her partner Jamie.  She started ski teaching 15yrs ago in Canada where she spent that time teaching skiing and snowboarding.  She then moved in to the role of Kids centre manager for the resort where she managed a team of Instructors

Jamie is one of the owners of ES Nendaz along with his partner Mel.  He spent 10 yrs working in Canada becoming a CSIA level 4 and trainer for the association . After moving back to Europe in 2015 he took up the role of Technical Director and then Co-Director

Becky is 25 years old and originally from the UK. She’s currently working as an English teacher at the university of Nantes in France and works as an auxiliary ski instructor for Premier Alpine Centre. She has skiied since the age of 7 and Nendaz is her favorite ski resort.

Jakub was born in the bear-ridden mountains of north Slovakia some 30 years ago! His grandpa put him on skis at the late age of 3, but as soon as He saw the crazy new sport called snowboarding on the TV in the early 90s he abandoned the skis until

John is from Preston a small village in the north of England. He started skiing when he was 8 years old and returned to ski in Nendaz nearly every year since with his family. Being a ski instructor was always his dream job and is now living the dream travelling

Conor comes from small village called Bettsytown, 40km up the coast from Dublin.  Conor started he ski career in Canada before heading to Mt Cheesman in New Zealand.  After several back to back winters from New Zealand to Europe, Conor moved to Perhiser in Australia before settling last winter in