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Skiing with Young Children: ES and Petit Verbier

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Ever been skiing with young children? It’s not always easy! That’s why at here at ES, we strive to make sure you and your children have the best possible time in the snow. We work closely with Petit Verbier, an experienced, professional babysitting and nanny service. They run an amazing kids club in the afternoons for children who are too young to ski all day: Penguins Afternoon Club. Sarina Brook, director of Petit Verbier, explains why ski lessons in the mornings and Penguins Afternoon Club in the afternoons is a great combination for your young ones:

‘Here at Petit Verbier we know all about ski holidays with children. From what extra layers to pack for babies to booking the right babysitter so you can enjoy après ski – you can get in touch with us for any information you need via our website.

Today we are talking specifically about your three- to five-year-olds. Your little ones will have a new-found independence at this age; they can concentrate for that little bit longer, are chatting away and probably teaching you new things every day! They could be excited about their upcoming ski holiday, or a little bit nervous, so let’s have a look at how you can make those first couple of years skiing the best possible.

Skiing with Young Children

ES Penguins ski lessons are specifically designed for kids aged between three and five.

Whether they have been longing to ski since watching their bigger sibling or it’s a totally new experience, you’ll want to make sure they have the best time. You might be super keen to get your little one on the slopes, but the most important thing is that your child is ready. Ski schools will only take children from the age of three and you must trust them in their decision, they are the experts!

For your younger children, it’s easy to make sure they don’t miss out on fun in the snow. Petit Verbier nannies will tailor activities around you and your family. They can even bring little ones up the mountain to meet you for lunch, or take them sledging and snowman building at Les Esserts.

Petit Verbier Penguins Afternoon Club

So, you’ve booked in to ski school but there is no full-day option. Why? Well skiing is tough work, you know that! Those tiny little legs are just going to be too tired to do a full day. Not only that but children of this age have a completely different centre of balance to adults and their bodies have to work even harder to stay upright and make turns. Another reason is the concentration needed to take in all of that new information; it’s not something children are made to do… there has to be some playing, right? That’s where Petit Verbier comes in.

Petit Verbier Skiing with Young Children

Petit Verbier Penguins Afternoon Club is based on the idea of forest schooling, so your kids can spend as much time outside as possible! Image: Petit Verbier

Petit Verbier offers an after-ski club, the Penguins Afternoon club for children aged between three and five; it’s a great combination for kids of this age. Little ones will be picked up by our Kids Club leader after skiing so there’s no need for you to race down from the mountain at lunch time. The end-of-day pick up is at 4pm – just when the bigger kids are finishing ski school.

Petit Verber Skiing with Young Children

Playing in the snow is a very important part of Pengiuns Afternoon Club! Image: Petit Verbier

At our Penguins Afternoon Club, children will be served a hot two-course lunch at Brasserie Le Bec after skiing. Then the afternoon is packed full of outdoor activities, sans ski boots, so those little legs have some time to rest before the next big morning of ski school. Penguins Afternoon Club operates on a maximum 1:5 ratio (one adult to every five kids) so children get all the care and attention they need. We have an indoor space for bad weather or simply when some quiet time and crafts is on the agenda.

Our Kids Club leader will make sure every afternoon is an adventure. Based on the idea of forest schooling, there will be snowman building, trails in the forest, mountain adventures, simple fun at the swings and lots more. Indoors there are toys to play with, books to read and plenty of craft materials.’

Penguins Afternoon Club can be booked alongside your European Snowsport Penguins lessons (what could be easier?).The price is 380CHF for five half days.
To find out more about kids’ ski lessons with ES Verbier, get in touch via phone or email. If you’d like to organise further babysitting or nannying during your ski holiday, check out the Petit Verbier Website.

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Skiing with Young Children: ES and Petit Verbier
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Skiing with Young Children: ES and Petit Verbier
Taking your little ones skiing? Sarina Brook from Petit Verbier explains how ski lessons in the morning and kids' club in the afternoon is the perfect option for kids aged between three and five.
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