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When to Ski: Choosing the best dates for your ski holiday

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Skiing holidays are great at any time of the year! But some periods can save you money and be better suited to your needs. At ES we’ve got a lot of experience in all aspects of skiing; we know when the slopes will be busy, as well as what kinds of accommodation work for different groups of people. Here our our tips on choosing when to ski.

when to book family ski holiday

When to ski – Families

Make the most of it while little ones aren’t yet at school and plan your family ski holiday for whenever you like!   March is a great time to travel with tinies. Days are long and sunny, and the beginner slopes are in good condition.  Go before the Easter holidays and make the most of empty slopes and good prices on accommodation and flights.

Once children are at school, your choices are more limited, but there are still some good options.  The week before Christmas is a great time to travel, good fresh snow and good availability with lower accommodation prices.  Christmas week is also a fun time to travel with children; everything is fresh, snowy and festive, and in catered accommodation the Christmas meal is taken care of.  

Easter is great too but be careful about your resort.  Avoid low resorts – our pick is Zermatt for its good snow (open all year round) and high altitude beginner slope.  

There is a lot to remember in the mornings when you are trying to get going on the snow with children, here is a handy guide to help you get out the door with a minimum of fuss in the mornings.

corporate ski holidays when to ski

When to ski – Corporate Ski Groups

When to ski – If you are squeezing in a short corporate ski trip, it can be tricky to find accommodation over just a few days, so stick to the low season. The best times are early December, the second half of January and early February, and early March.  You need to work around internal year ends, conferences, and big projects so keep these in mind when looking at the calendar.  

Some resorts are better than others at catering to short breaks so it helps to stay flexible about your destination and keep asking!  Even if you book flights to Geneva, you can keep your options open about the resort and decide later about Chamonix, Verbier, Nendaz or Zermatt.  Use someone on the ground in resort to help you find accommodation and make arrangements, otherwise you can end up with impractical plans and out of control costs.

It works well to take two groups in one week with a mid-week changeover (group one Sunday to Wednesday, group two Wednesday to Saturday) so that you take accommodation for one week but host twice as many people.  It can be exhausting for the hosts though…

when to book a ski holiday

When to Ski – Friends and Couples

When juggling schedules and commitments and multiple diaries to co-ordinate everyone in your group, sometimes it seems easier to stay home!  Don’t despair, but pick a date and stick to it.  Even if your original group changes, there are always lots of people who are keen for a ski holiday and find they can get away when there is one already organised.

Stay away from family holiday times, and pick dates in the second half of January or in March.  Early to mid March is one of the quietest times in resort, so enjoy the empty slopes and room to breathe to the full.  It is also a great time to relax on a sunny terrace after skiing…

If you are just 2 or a few people travelling, you are in the fortunate position of being able to decide late in the day what you would like to do.  Take advantage – check the snow reports and book at the last minute. Accommodation for unusual dates is much easier to find late in the day as owners are more likely to be flexible.

Whenever you decide to book your next ski holiday, don’t forget about ski lessons! Or sales team is available seven days a week by phone or email to help you find the right lessons for you and your friends and family. We’re looking forward to hearing from you!

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