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Ski Photography Tips With Melody Sky

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Last winter some of our ES instructors helped out ski modelling for photographer Melody Sky on one of her photoshoots. Melody has been shooting in and around Verbier for years and you can see her work all around the resort on Billboards and in brochures. Her intimate local knowledge means she knows exactly where to go and when to get the best photos.  This Article is about Ski Photo Tips with Melody Sky

Over the three days of shooting, not only did we get some great shots, we also picked up some insider photography tips:

Search out some snow

Getting good powder shots is all about getting good snow, but that does’t necessarily mean you need much of it. We were shooting a few days after the most recent snowfall so most of the usual routes had already been skied out. However with a short hike we were able to find some patches of untouched snow just off the sides of the piste. Just make sure you know where you are going to end up.



Try Different angles

Try mixing up the angles for a different perspective. Getting low to the snow is a good way of making jumps look bigger and drops and edges look steeper.



Frame the shot

No matter how good your skiing looks, it’s probably not going to look as good as the backdrop! Make sure you get the scenery in the shot first and then let the skier ski into frame.




One turn wonder

Turns always look more spectacular with a bit of speed. Whether you’re on or off piste try and build up a bit of speed across the flat and commit to one turn. The more speed you have the more snow you’ll be able throw up





Everyone loves a bit of synchro! Try and choreograph the turns by getting into a rhythm and let the photographer snap away.

…or get a pro to do it! Check out Melody’s website

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Ski Photography Tips With Melody Sky
Ski Photography Tips With Melody Sky, Melody talks about how to improve your ski photography.
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