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St.Moritz has earned a reputation as one of the most exclusive ski resorts in Switzerland, but what’s it got that other Swiss resorts don’t? What exactly puts it a cut above? We caught up with Alina Zaiceva, Head of Marketing and Communication at our ES St. Moritz partner shool, Ski Cool. Alina is originally from Latvia but has worked and lived in Switzerland for six years. She also speaks loads of languages: Russian, Latvian, English, French, Italian and German, as well as a little bit of Norwegian and Ukrainian. So combined with her marketing role, it’s safe to say she knows her way around St. Moritz like the back of her hand! Here are her top tips for visiting this Swiss paradise.

Hi Alina! What exactly does your job as Head of Marketing and Communication involve?

I am responsible for all marketing, communications and sales within St. Moritz. I take care of selling our services, promoting them on local and international markets, developing the business, looking for new selling and promotional channels, managing the relationship with our business partners such as ES, Murtaroel Restaurant, Bvlgari, Swiss Helicopter, local hotels and more. I am also responsible for all website management, social media and concierge services, as well as HR and PR. It’s a very diverse position!

European Snowsport St. Moritz

St. Moritz is renowned for its beautiful lakes. Image: Kulm Media / St. Moritz Tourisme

Tell us a bit about your partnership with ES:

We have happily worked with ES for many seasons! We are happy to deliver ski and snowboard lessons to ES guests who are visiting St. Moritz and looking for a professional delivery of snow sport services. It is always a pleasure to work with very efficient, fast, professional and fun team at ES. We can always rely on our collaboration and always are happy to talk about it. Laura and Julian are doing great job managing so many employees and providing service on a very high level.

What kind of skiing can people expect in St. Moritz?

St. Moritz has a big diversity of ski pistes and off-piste areas. One of our main luxuries is… LAKES! They are beautiful to look at when you ski, it’s beautiful to be on them when they are frozen and experience all the activities they have to offer. The ‘champagne climate’ on the pistes of the Engadine Valley, which brings around around 320 days per year of sun, makes every day unique and unforgettable.

We deliver lessons on Corviglia, Corvatsch and Diavolezza mountains – each and every one of them has something special and extraordinary. There are pistes for all levels – beginners, intermediates and advanced, but the majority of them are intermediate. Guests can also have fun at the Snowparks in Corviglia and Corvatsch and experience amazing off-piste skiing when there are suitable conditions. Corvatsch has huge Snowpark and holds many freestyle ski and snowboard competitions every year, it’s one of the most favourable places for snowboarders.

Cross-country skiing is also very popular in Engadine valley, we have many kilometres of cross country slopes and many of them pass through the frozen lakes.

European Snowsport St. Moritz

Taking a heli trip is always a treat in St. Moritz

And what can people expect from a ski lesson with Ski Cool?

Professionalism, Swiss punctuality, a lot of fun, strong client commitment, personalised service, service on demand and concierge service. You’ll want to come back again and have more ski or snowboard lessons with us!

What would you say are some of the best things to do in St. Moritz outside of skiing?

Bobsleigh rides [St. Moritz is home to the legendary Cresta Run], helicopter sightseeing flights with Swiss Helicopter, watching Snow Polo on the frozen lakes. You can also watch horse races on the lakes, they’re known as ‘White Turf‘ races. Then there’s toboggan experiences, Muottas Muragl visits [one of St. Moritz’s many peaks, with stunning panoramas, a white-knuckle toboggan trail, snow shoe walks and a first-class hotel], ice skating, curling and of course shopping and food trying. Spa experiences in St. Moritz’s hotels and spa centres are always a must!

European snowsport st. moritz

The ES St. Moritz team making great use of the frozen lakes!

What do you think is St. Moritz’s best-kept secret?

The secret has to remain a secret! But… there are many of them. Some of them are… the champagne climate and the beautiful mountains, Corviglia and Corvatsch; the luxury and sophisticated atmosphere with its easiness and laid-backness; night skiing on Corvatsch every Friday night; the Gourmet Festival; cross-country skiing; helicopter sightseeing tours above the valley and many many more.

And finally, what advice would you give to someone looking to book their first winter holiday to St. Moritz?

Spend as much time as you can exploring the ski pistes! Go up very early and see how the sun rises above the beautiful Swiss Alps!

European snowsport St. Moritz

Lego Batman who?

Well, if you hadn’t wanted to go to St. Moritz before, we hope you definitely want to go now! Frozen lakes, bobsleighing, snow polo?! St. Moritz is definitely a cut above in terms of après ski activities! If you’re looking to ski or snowboard in St. Moritz this winter, get in touch! We’d love to sort you out with some private lessons and help you make the most of your time on the slopes.

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What to do in St. Moritz
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What to do in St. Moritz
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