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10 ways to carry your skis and what it says about you

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Carry Your Skis. The humble ski: you’d think carrying them would be straight forward, but it seems the creativity of the recreational skier knows no bounds when finding different ways of transporting the things! But which way is the the best? And what does your carrying style say about you? Here’s a breakdown of ski carrying techniques from sunny Zermatt..


The Local

1. local


What: Carry both skis over your shoulder, tips in front, bindings behind your shoulder, arm gently resting on top of the skis.

Why: It is simply the best! (and you look like you know what you are doing)

What it says about you: You are a local or you want to feel like a local. You were born to ski. Plus you dont want to be tired before you even start skiing.



The Local Pro

2. local pro


What: Put your skis in the rack on the bike. Keep your bike balanced and pretend there is no snow on the road.

Why: Its simply better than the best.

What it says about you: You are in the resort long-term and you’ve finally got a bike, since which time you cannot imagine life without it. Life is so much easier, and you are saving so much time. Of course, if you’re really lucky it also means that you work as an ES ski instructor in Zermatt.


The Reverse local

3. revers local


What: Carry both skis over your shoulder, tips on the back, your shoulder in front or between the bindings, arm wrapped about the skis to fight the gravity forces of the skis.

Why: Thats a good question.

What it says about you: You are a good observer, but not good enough to pick up all the detailsvery important details


The Express

4. express


What: Jump into a taxi and get some rest before skiing.

Why: Why not?

What it says about you: You dont want to waste time but instead get to the slope asap. Or you are a philanthropist and you like to support local businesses.



The Offering


5. offering


What: Carry your skis and poles with both hands in front of you with the tips pointing sideways and offer them to everyone you pass.

Why: You like your skis so much and you want to share them with others.

What it says about you: Your philosophy: sharing is caring. Or you think this is the easiest way to carry your skis. PS. You are wrong


The Tommygun

6. Tommygun


What: Similar to The Offering, but more versatile. It’s actually an evolution from the Hugger. (Hugging your skis in a vertical position)

Why: Because you are a kid and it seems to be the easiest for you.

What it says about you: You are between 5 and 12 years old and your instructor made you carry your own skis.

The Walking stick

7. walking stick


What: Use your skis a your 3rd leg or as a walking stick.

Why: To chill out and relax.

What it says about you: You skied for the whole day and basically you are too tired to lift your skis and put them on your shoulder. All the taxis are taken and you dont have a bike.


The Suitcase

8. suitcase


What: Carry your skis with your poles. Make sure the straps wrap both skis.

Why: You think its cool to look like a businessman on the way to the ski lift.

What it says about you: You are a workaholic and even on holidays you try to feel like at work.


Boyfriend & Girlfriend


What: Depends if you are bf or gf. Boyfriend: carry both pairs of skis, any way you want. Girlfriend: carry both pairs of poles, any way you want.

Why: Because you are a boyfriend or a girlfriend.

What it says about you: Boyfriend: you have a girlfriend and you want to take care of her all the time. Girlfriend: you have a boyfriend and you want to make him feel like a man.


The Ski Instructor Training

10.1 training


What: Carry both pair of skis, one attached to your rucksack, second on your shoulder, as a local.

Why: You have 2 pairs of skis, each pair with different wax on and it depends on the conditions of the snow which one you will use.

What it says about you: You watched too many GS races on YouTube and you think the wax really makes a difference. PS. it does, but not at your level.



10.2 teaching


What: Carrying all the skis of your kids for the group you are teaching.

Why: Because you forgot your big backpack for kids’ skis.

What it says about you: You think going to the gym is boring and you prefer to lift weights in real life. Or your organisational skills are awesome, and you are able to carry at least 6 pairs of skis and set of poles. (Waitorganisational skillsyou just forgot your big backpack)


Poraski with contribution from Aleks & Tommy

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How people carry their skis and what it says about the,
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