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Veronika Manhalova: Cycle Touring

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Originally from Prague, Czech Republic, Veronika’s family made the move to Vancouver, Canada in search of bigger mountains to explore. Through a love for backcountry skiing, she began exploring and guiding in the Northern and Southern Hemispheres and made Verbier her home in 2010. She works as a bike guide in Europe during the summer months. 


Veronika has been doing cycle tours with Great Explorations since 2010 and in that time she’s visited a long list of beautiful locations! Prague to Vienna, Slovenia to Italy and Burgundy France you name it, she’s pedaled it!

This summer Veronika has already cycled from Prague to Vienna, the Camino de Santiago and Ireland with trips to Provence, Croatia, Slovenia, Turkey & Morocco all to come.


The company recently launched a trip to Alsace, one Veronika is particularly keen to try for herself. Bruges to Amsterdam and Burma are also new editions! There’s plenty of locations, begging the question which one will you choose?

Anyone can join in these cycle tours. You don’t have to be an avid cyclist and all levels are welcome. Great Explorations provide the bikes and routes and always have plenty of backup options so that everyone can enjoy every day on their bike. The trips can be adjusted to ability levels, allowing you to cycle as much or as little as you like. There are also extra historical visits along the way that are specific to the country or region you are cycling in, a highlight for many, along with the amazing restaurants.


If you would like to join Veronika’s bike tours have a look on the Great Explorations website. Or if you’d like to have a slide together on snow, get in touch with us here!


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