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Verbier by night – Our top picks

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A very well known seasonaire once said to me “Verbier is a drinking resort with a ski problem”.  This certain gentleman, the most seasoned of seasonaires, may have had his view corrupted by decades of “flamin’ sambucas” but it is true that our resort does have an abundance of top notch aprés ski bars, late night drinking dens and swanky night clubs. Inspired by his comments I decided to give some thought to our best nightspots, and to come up with my top picks:

Best for classy cocktails

Nomad Sushi Bar and Restaurant – The food here is delicious, but that is for another blog. What really makes this place is the cocktail bar in the restaurant that dishes out all manor of delicious concoctions. Paul “Peelos” Peel is the head bar tender and his team of talented mixologists have created a bespoke menu of interesting beverages. A personal favourite of mine is the “Smoked Old Fashion” (being highly drawn to any whiskey based drink) but my girlfriend swears by ALL the gin based cocktails. For a great evening, head down for dinner then grab a table in the bar after.

Top tip: If you don’t know what you want ask the bartender. They usually nail it!


Best for soggy seasonaires

Farinet Aprés Ski – This has little competition in Verbier. The one place everyone goes for a post skiing throw down. The world famous Aprés Ski bar thumps out cheesy rock and roll tunes from 5pm- 9pm every night, serving jugs and jugs of well deserved lager. Be warned, most of the drinks served do not end up being drunk, but simply tossed over the crowds watching the live music. This place is not for the faint hearted but if you have an old set of clothes that you are happy to swap with other aprés skiers then this place is a must during your visit.

Top tip: Buy two jugs at once. One for drinking, the other for throwing beer!


Best Seasonaire Hangout

The Loft – Run by local legends Kev and Johan “the Swede”, this place offers all a seasonaire could want. Cheap beer, great music and a multitude of fancy dress themed parties.

Top tip: Make sure the barman drinks with you.


Best for cheeky chappy bar staff

T-Bar aka. “my second living room” – My very favourite bar in resort. Over the years, T-Bar has become the traditional home of European Snowsport, hosting our “Season Opener” parties and becoming a general hang out for the team. The bar staff’s welcoming charm, led by the legend that is Neil Brady, has given T-Bar such a warm feel over the years and you can guarantee you will find some friends to play with.  The place is completely bi-polar as you are never sure whether you will be having a nice chilled out drink or dancing on the tables (especially when Faye is playing) by the end of the night. “One more song!!”

Top tip: Ask for a set of dice and the rules to Chicago


Best for a pint and a burger

Pub Mont Fort – The most storied establishment in Verbier, the Pub has over 30 years of seasonaire shenanigans written in its folklore and the stories will continue this winter. Aside from holding memorable parties (the sort you won’t remember much about in the morning), the Pub also does a brilliant menu of top notch pub grub. Burgers, ribs, chicken wings; if you are after some deliciously prepared, simple food to start your night, the Pub is a great place to visit. After you have eaten the Pub gets very busy from about 10pm onwards and the atmosphere is electric.

Top tip: Never hog the darts board



Best for sunny beers

Le Rouge – Situated at the bottom of the Le Rouge piste overlooking the beautiful Val de Bagnes landscape, Le Rouge is the perfect spot for a drink in the sun. The huge terrace has a DJ playing all afternoon and plenty of space to put your feet up. It has become a real favourite for those who want a much more chilled aprés ski experience than the Farinet has to offer. Imagine chilling out with friends enjoying a magnum bottle of Minuty rosé on a sun trap terrace. Floats your boat? Le Rouge is the place for you!

Top tip: Remember your sun glasses. Ski goggles on their own is a terrible look.



Best for bragging about your days skiing

Fer a Cheval – Slap bang in the middle of the Rue de Medran, you can rarely walk past this traditional pub without seeing someone you know. A favourite of locals and holiday makers alike, your wildly exaggerated stories of “stomping the Grand Couloir” will be warmly received (if not necessarily believed afterwards). It is essential to still be wearing your ski pants and back protector whilst you sink a few pints of Guiness. Who knows what dangers lie ahead?

Top tip: Avoid anything that remotely looks like it has been brewed in the barman’s bath tub. It probably has!



Best for entertainment

Le Farinet – Not to be mistaken with Farinet Apres Ski, this slick venue offers everything you could want if you are a large group of friends looking to party. Brilliantly set out so you can have a private table but still feel part of the crowd, the DJs ensure the buzzing atmosphere continues late into the night. Every season, Le Farinet plays host to a procession of world famous DJs from the Ministry of Sound so if you are looking to be seen, this is the place to do it.

Top tip: Never ask the resident DJ Claire “Can you play this tune?”


Best for when you’re past your best

Your choice – When you reach the point in the night where surely nothing good can happen you have a variety of options to continue on your debaucherous journey. The Farm Club is a favourite with the older, more sophisticated (only slightly) crowd. The Casbah is making a long anticipated return this season in the venue formally known as Twin Peaks. Farinet South is a new addition this winter in the old Casbah spot. Each of these places has its charms and each of them keep you out waaaaay past your bed time.

Top tip: “I’m having an early one….. Ok, I will stay for one more……. Shots…….. 4am”


Back to our seasoned Verbier gentleman. This particular fella has now left resort although he assures me that he has not had his last Jaeger Bomb in the Pub Mont Fort. Why? “because once Verbier has got you…..”

Maybe he should leave this year’s stories in your hands!

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