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It’s Not Just About the Skiing: Things to do in Zermatt off the snow

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During the winter season Zermatt’s main attraction is its fantastic snow, amazing ski slopes and breathtaking views. There are however, so many other things to do in Zermatt, from the relaxing to the thrilling. Whether you are a skier or snowboarder looking for other activities to incorporate into your holiday or a non-skier on holiday in one if the most beautiful places in the world, here are our top picks for enjoying Zermatt off the slopes.

On the ice rink in the centre of town you can have a go at ice skating or curling, which is a lot more fun than it might look! Either option is great to have a go at with a group of friends, but ice skating is a real treat if you’re with the family. It costs 10CHF to hire skates.

Things to do in Zermatt winter

Ever thought about learning to curl? Photo: Pascal Gertschen / Zermatt Tourism

If you are looking for something new to try and the weather is nice, you can go paragliding from the top of the mountain. You’ll fly all the way down to the town, while enjoying the amazing views of Zermatt and have an adrenaline pumping experience at the same time. Prices generally range from around 150CHF to 200CHF.

things to to in Zermatt winter

Hiking and show shoeing is a great way to enjoy the snow in Zermatt without putting skis on! Photo: Michael Portmann / Zermatt Tourism

There are many walking trails you can do around Zermatt. Each one is mapped out and you could even stop at a few mountain restaurants on the way. On a sunny day it’s worth taking the cable car up to Matterhorn paradise where you can go to the 3880m viewing platform and even go inside the glacier to the ice palace and see different life size ice sculptures.

things to do in zermatt winter

If the weather is bad, the Matterhorn museum is a great choice! Image: Zermatt Tourism

If you feel like a relaxing day in the village you could visit the Matterhorn Museum which is open between 2pm and 6pm, and has a 10CHF entrance fee.

There are also spas and wellness centres within many of the hotels you can visit for an afternoon if you are a non guest. The Mont Cervin hotel and the Vernisage both offer fantastic spa experiences ranging between 40 – 80 CHF. There are also many shops and cafes to explore as well as the old English church and old streets of Zermatt located just off the Main Street.

things to do in zermatt winter

Once you get away from the main streets, Zermatt is full of hidden gems and beautiful architecture. Photo: Kurt Müller / Zermatt Tourism

In the evening you may want to visit the cinema as it is a little different to other cinemas. The Vernisage shows a huge range of movies from rom-coms to ski flicks to local and cultural films. It’s is owned and designed by local Heinz Julen, well known for his quirky interior design.

Zermatt has way more to offer than you may think, so if you are looking for an all-round winter holiday come and experience it for yourself. If you’d like to book ski lessons in Zermatt, get in touch with our friendly sales team via phone or email. They will pair you with the perfect instructor, who will be more than happy to show you the slopes and recommend the perfect after-ski activities for you and your party.

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It's Not Just About the Skiing: Things to do in Zermatt off the snow
Article Name
It's Not Just About the Skiing: Things to do in Zermatt off the snow
Whether you're all about the skiing or you're just in it for the views, there are SO many things to do in Zermatt off the slopes. Here are our top picks.
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