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Summer Skiing in Zermatt

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Ever woken up wishing you could go skiing again, only to remember just how far away the winter is? We do this all the time. But happily Zermatt is open all year round! Here’s why you should try summer skiing in Zermatt.  

With a top station at the lofty height of 3883m, Zermatt also has 21km of pistes open during the summer months. This not only makes it the highest summer ski area in Europe but also the largest. The summer ski pistes spill down the Northern side of the Theodul pass, which sits between Italy and Switzerland. This makes for spectacular views of the many 4000m peaks that surround Zermatt, including the famous Matterhorn. On a clear day one can even spy Mont Blanc from the very top!


The view from 3883m! Italy on the left, Switzerland on the right and a lesser known angle on the Matterhorn straight ahead.

Despite their height relative to sea level, the pistes are suitable for all levels of skier. Summer is a great time to get started on the snow, with warmth, sunshine, afternoon activities and often perfect weather!

For intermediates it is a chance to keep making progress, regain confidence and stay ski fit and balanced ready for next winter. Even just a weekend can make a huge difference to how you start on the snow again the following winter.

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Advanced and expert skiers can ski alongside the national teams of many countries, who come here to train over the summer months. Some of the young racers on the junior teams who come to train here take a permanent marker in their pocket so they can get an autograph on their helmet when they see their heroes. You can try this too!

The snowpark is also open over the summer, so you have time to work on some tricks and new moves before the winter comes. Two of our ski instructors who specialise in freestyle and park are based in Zermatt and teaching throughout the summer, and you can also take a snowboard lesson if you wish.


The ski areas are accessed from the Klein Matterhorn Express, via Furi and then to Trockener Steg. Lifts open super early in the morning so that you can make the most of the colder conditions early on. Generally, you should dress as though for spring skiing or April conditions, and at times you can ski in just a Tshirt. When you make your booking we can send you a link for weather in the village and at the top (as it can be quite different).

At lunchtime the lifts close for the day, leaving you time to explore some of the off snow benefits of being in Zermatt in the summertime. Mountain biking, hiking, and even scooters with giant tyres are all available to take advantage of the mountain trails that are covered with snow in the winter.


Summer accommodation packages are also available that represent great value. So if you are missing the snow, get in touch with our team here and we can help you to get back on the snow sooner than you thought.

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