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If you are a snowboarder who loves to ride powder but would like to venture a bit further afield, splitboarding could be for you.

Skiers have long had the means of climbing uphill with touring equipment, leaving snowboarders to trudge up behind on a pair of snowshoes. Anyone who has tried a long hike through deep snow on snowshoes will know how physically exhausting it can be, whilst touring skis can glide across the snow with ease.

Thanks to the invention of split-boards this overexertion is a thing of the past.


Photo credit Martina Šafaříková

What is a splitboard?

A splitboard is, well, a snowboard split in two! The board can be separated lengthways to create two platforms that act much like skis when climbing up. Skins can be attached and bindings rotated and you are ready to go.


Photo credit Martina Šafaříková

What ES offers: 

We have three levels at which you can try splitboarding, whether you are a first timer, intermediate dabbler or experienced explorer.

  • Half day discovering Splitboarding with a short hike follow by a off-piste descent.

Get to know the equipment and enjoy the feeling of hiking up. This will be followed by a descent and all take place within the ski resort area. Lifts may be used to reach parts of the route. The level of fitness required will be appropriate for beginners to split boarding, with about 30 to 45 mins of ascent.


  • Full day trip including short hike with off-piste descent.

Once again lifts may be used to reach parts of these routes. Riders should be fit enough to climb for 30 to 45 mins twice in the day, with a lunch break in between.

  • Full day rando tour away from resort with a longer hike and descent.

Participants need to have a good level of fitness and should be able to climb between 1h30 to 2h with one or two short breaks for drink and snacks.


Photo credit Martina Šafaříková

Interested? If you would like to know more feel free to get in touch with us here at European Snowsport.

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