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Roped Up -Shared off piste lessons.

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Our friends at Roped Up explain how skiing together can save you those precious pennies! 
Many of us want to be safer off piste and better at skiing but finding a way to have affordable lessons can be difficult -at least it used to be… now that has all changed as a result of ES working with Roped Up.
You can create your own “event”, saying when you want the lesson and what sort of skiing you want to do, which you and your friends can join. Then the “event” is listed on the site and others, who you don’t know, can request to join you. Anyone who you accept into your group then shares the cost with you meaning you get to meet new people, have a great lesson with a top ES instructor, and save hundreds of CHF.
All members of the Roped Up community have profiles including ability level, experience, nationality and rough age, so you can make an informed decision about who will be joining you. Our system also deals with payment so you can be sure anyone who joins your event will pay their fair share. If there are 2 of you initially and you find 2 others to join you will save more than 200CHF on a full day lesson.
ES is a great partner of ours as unlike many ski schools they don’t charge more as the group gets larger so with ES you get maximum advantage through sharing with Roped Up.
To see how it all works have a look at the video below or visit our website here. Check out European Snowsport’s team of great instructors here to see who you want to book for your Roped up lesson.
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