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Learning to ski at 72

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Maureen tells us about clipping into a pair of skis for the very first time at the age of seventy-two, learning with the careful guidance of an ES instructor!

“My first reaction when skiing friends suggested I try skiing during a recent trip to Verbier was ‘Thanks, but I’ll give it a miss!’. As a child and teenager, I’d been on roller skates and ice skates, but having not done anything similar for 50+ years, I didn’t really feel I had the confidence to don a pair of skis.

After further gentle persuasion by my friends and daughter (also a keen skier), I agreed to try it out. Maybe my daughters, grandsons and I could become a skiing family!

The staff in Mountain Air where I rented my equipment couldn’t have been more helpful, and I was soon kitted out with boots, skis and poles, all the while being given lots of encouragement and stories of how I could soon be heli-skiing!


When I met my instructor Colin, from European Snowsport, he was very reassuring and encouraging. He told me that he had helped his own Dad learn to ski at an ‘older age’.

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At the large beginners’ area (where the views were stunning), Colin clearly explained how to put my skis on & take them off, how to manoeuvre on the flat, how to stand properly on skis, how to slide smoothly forwards down a gentle slope, how to glide slowly using a wedge shape, and how to stop.

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I had a fabulous first ski lesson thanks to the enthusiasm and encouragement from Colin. I am considering trying it again next time I’m in Verbier, although will make sure I’m a bit fitter next time. And my two young grandsons, who are currently learning to ski, are very impressed that Granny has tried it!


If you’re keen to try skiing and are fit, don’t let age be a barrier…”

Thank you to Maureen Potter for the wonderful blog! If you would like to hear more about how you could get on skis for the first time, no matter what your age, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us at European Snowsport. Click here to go to our contact page. 

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