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Lagom. Just the right amount.

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A new accommodation brand has launched with this name in Zermatt and Verbier. Owners of Lagom, (who already have the Bramble Ski and Haute Montagne brands), describe it as a balanced approach to holidays in the Alps, putting you in charge of what you would like included in your holiday. With the new website, you can choose your holiday, leaving out what you feel would be too much, and including the things you want.

Lagom; let it be.

What a fitting idea for 2019, the Swedish concept of Lagom, which means “just the right amount”. Apparently the word comes from the passing round of the mead cup, when you would take neither too much, nor too little, just the right amount and what is your share.


Valentine Penthouse, Verbier

At the launch evening in Verbier recently, the ideas of simplicity and sustainability were at the fore, with a pledge to donate 1% of turnover to local causes. And there was also a test run of the new website, which promises to be simple to use and well designed, very Lagom.

The flagship resort is Zermatt and properties have also launched in Verbier. With its car free status, and train journey to access the resort, Zermatt is an obvious fit. Verbier, where almost all of the energy is generated by the local rivers and meltwater, also has its own sustainability credentials.

The 2 resorts have quite different feels, with Verbier famous for its off piste and freeride skiing, and open and friendly atmosphere. Zermatt is better known for its year round high altitude glacier skiing, and the great day out where you can ski over to Italy and back to Zermatt in a day.


Haus Andy, Zermatt

At ES we have had lots of fun coming up with new and interesting ideas that fit with the ethos of the brand. Last weekend we ran split boarding touring for snowboarders and ski touring for skiers. And this weekend it will be snowshoeing, mixed with a spot of skiing as well.

Properties are simple, modern and stylish, located in prime central locations in resorts with good lift access. You choose what you add, and what you leave out.

A perfect way to start 2019.

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