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Verbier’s Kids Manager Kate tells us more about what European Snowsport has on offer for our youngest skiers. Kids Ski Lessons

Here at European Snowsport we pride ourselves with teaching children of all ages and all abilities. We have a designated team of instructors who have a wealth of experience and knowledge when it comes to kids lessons. We make sure skiing is all about fun, so that they come away with great memories and plenty of new friends.


What do we offer?

Penguins are the youngest of our kids ranging from 3-5 years old.

Kids Academy ranging from 6-12 years old.

-Freeski for adventurous teenagers.

Each age group has levels that progress with your child’s ability. From learning to put on their skis, mastering a button lift and skiing the many Itineraries we have to offer, right through to skiing in the park with confidence.


Our instructors will go through different activities and techniques to get the best from the children, working on individual tasks and as a group. To make it even more worthwhile we have a maximum of 4 kids in our Penguin groups and 6 in our Kids Academy and Freeski groups. Small size groups means we really get to know each child individually and work on their own personal goals.

How do I get my kids into skiing? Children’s Skiing

So why do we have levels? There is a big jump in ability between the beginners slope and heading out into the mountains. It can be quite a scary place out there if your don’t feel confident so we make sure the groups progress at pace that’s comfortable for them.


We love seeing our kids progress through the levels and the excitement when they move up to the next level. On the first day we will make sure that they are in the right group so that they can get the most out of it. If the instructor feels someone is progressing faster and would be better suited in another group, we can make the change. The kids coordinator in each resort will oversee this process, working closely with instructors to see how everything is working.


If you would like some more information please feel free to gives us a call or contact us through the website here. We look forward to skiing with you soon!

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