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Zermatt Charity Valley Rally

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On Wednesday 8th March European Snowsport Zermatt held our annual Charity Valley Rally.

The Event consisted of 5 teams competing to explore the ski areas whilst answering questions, taking photos and complets.

The day started with perfect sunshine and all the lifts open. The teams began arriving at Papperla Pub around 10am to collect their information packs and their Flaikes (GPS Trackers that we usually us for our kids groups). At 10:35am the teams left in all different directions, including our walking team who headed for the slightly more leisurely Gronergrat Train to start.

We had 5 instructor points around the mountain where the groups would have to visit and take part in a challenge set by an ES instructor. These included restaurant/bars such as Alphitta and Blue Lounge.

I headed to Alphitta to help and also to take pictures of the groups as they completed the challenge (A 6 person Human Pyramid). A number of the groups didn’t have enough people so had to ask poor unsuspecting customers from the restaurant. This turned out to be one of my favourite parts of the day as it led to many laughs and to meeting some fantastic people.

Zermatt Charity Valley Rally

The other stations had similar moments as the teams had to compete in Pole Balancing, 3 Legged Races, 1 ski skiing and boot skiing. All based on teams of up to 6 people taking part.

blankAs the day progressed, the weather started to close in and it began to snow. The teams all persevered and continued to press on. Well all except for Team Girl Power who made the mistake of having a quick look at the Alphitta menu and decided they would have to stop for lunch. They promised me that the restaurants 10 week old puppy had nothing to do with their decision!

2 of the teams had come in fancy dress and were there to win the top prize (6 course Michelin Star meal at The Omnia Hotel and a Fondue Dinner at Ferdinand Restaurant, The Cervo Hotel). The teams were: The Horny Hornli Herd and Greg’s Harem.

As everyone returned to Papperla Pub at 4pm it was time for beers, pizza and music until prize giving.

The results this year was very close at the top. Both Greg’s Harem and The Horny Hornli Herd were tied on 60 points. After some deliberation between the judges The Horny Hornli Herd were declared winners due to their well made, if not a little risqué costumes (as seen below)


It was a fantastic day out and everyone involve had a great time. It couldn’t have happened without the full support of our sponsors, all the helpers who spent all day out in the cold as well as Charlotte Gardener and Tim Franken.

Thank you to every single person involved. We raise over 600 chf this year for A Future For Nepal and will hope to raise even more at next year’s event.


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