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Yesterday saw the return of the Carlsberg High 5, so lots of people in free white helmets and green race bibs were hammering about about resort ‘training’ (many of whom might not quite have been of the standard that their swagger suggested).

That said, there were some great riders and skiers on display, including world cup legends in the pro catagory.

Now, we always have a few instructors who enter, and largely give a good account of themselves. However, this year, the Ackner family took it upon themselves to take it to the next level. OK, just Em, really.

And impressively young Emily came first in the women’s snowboarding – an overwhelmed bystander, Mr Oli Pinnochio Dannat, said “She was amazing – way better than all the other girl riders and most of the blokes”. High praise indeed, for someone who’s world view largely consists of him at the top, and everyone else’s achievements some distance beneath him…

And this is what Champion Ackner Jnr looked like:


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