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Interview with Mike Crawford

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* Why do you choose to teach snowsports?
I am unbelievably lucky to be able to teach snowsports, I walk to work every morning, meet my clients and go skiing all day, everyday. I absolutely love it! I honestly think I have the best job it the world, because my “office” is easily one of the greatest places to go to work in the world. Through teaching skiing I have met some amazing people, seen some amazing places and had some fantastic experiences. Teaching is my career, my life and my dream, I would hate not to be working in the mountains every winter!

* What do you do in the summer?
I work doing all sorts of things of things in the summer! I work on a dryslope in Glasgow, keeps my feet in ski boots which is nice. I love it because I am involved in the staff training and the race teams. I do a lot of work in clinical research, mainly patient recruitment and marketing for clinical trials. I keep busy with some other marketing and promotional work, a little photography and some other bits and pieces. I try to spend a lot of time wakeboarding, waterskiing and paintballing. I really am just a big kid. I just work enough so I can go off and play!

* Favourite part of Verbier/Zermatt to ski/ride
I don’t really have a favourite place… I have lots! It just depends on what mood I’m in! I love blasting up and down the bumps, so you are pretty likely find me skiing the itineraries. These are the marked and patrolled off piste in Verbier, they are very fun! If I’m not on the itineraries I will be blasting around the piste somewhere, just playing and probably giggling to myself. One of the best things about Verbier is that you can go skiing on your own, and just have a fantastic day because you can ski a little bit of everything… so I can’t have a favourite place… I love it all!

* Favourite restaurant or mountain restaurant in Verbier/Zermatt
I eat all over the mountain! If I am out free skiing I normally end up having a quick lunch at Olympic or Powder spirit so that I can get back out skiing. However my favourite place for a good feed is Carrefour. It’s a very lovely place to have lunch, the food there is pretty special and very tasty!

* Why did you choose Verbier/Zermatt?
Verbier is an awesome place. It is a real “skiers town” there are loads of unbelievably talented skiers here! I love being in a place where there is such a massive variation of easily accessible terrain. There are bumps, steep bits, secret powder stashes, natural features and some other wicked terrain to play with. I love the skiing in Verbier. The town can also be kind of wild too, great bars, restaurants and all of them are packed with really fun and interesting people. Verbier is a unique and amazing place, it has everything!

* What’s your top handy hint for anyone visiting Verbier/Zermatt
Verbier has some brilliant skiing and the best way to make the most of your holiday is to book into lessons with someone who knows the resort really well. I recommend doing this at the beginning of the week because this means that your skiing will improve, as well as then learning all the best places to go. All the ES instructors have been living and working in Verbier for at least one season, so we all know our way around – come skiing with us and make the most of your holiday.