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Interview with Kato Kim

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* Why do you choose to teach snowsports?
I love snow, sports, to teach and mathematics… snow+sports+teach= teach snowsports

* What do you do in the summer?
I bike, try playing golf and work a bit in the T bar. And catch up on sleeping.

* Favourite part of Verbier/Zermatt to ski/ride
Hmmm…. anywhere that’s not crowded and has a bit of powder left.

* Favourite restaurant or mountain restaurant in Verbier/Zermatt
Anywhere that serves me food!

* Why did you choose Verbier/Zermatt?
Before my seasons I had been doing short trips to Verbier. Since then I loved it. Plus it attracts like-minded people, I have met so many old school/university friends or work colleagues that I hadn’t seen in years.

* What’s your top handy hint for anyone visiting Verbier/Zermatt
Keep an open mind and leave the stress behind, after all it’s a Disneyland for grown-ups!