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Interview with Gus Persson

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* Why do you choose to teach snowsports?
I chose to teach snowsports because i really enjoy teaching all ages and seeing them get the same enjoyment out of each day as i do. in my opinion snowsports in general is a no brainer as they are the best fun one can have. To me teaching snowsports was a natural progression as i love every minute on the slopes.

* What do you do in the summer?
You will probably find me in a pub, in somerset, working!!! (or at least looking for work)

* Favourite part of Verbier/Zermatt to ski/ride
My favourite part of zermatt to ski in my opinion is the “itineraires” slopes on Stockhorn and Hohtalli. In general terms i also really enjoying skiing the Red runs, which run underneath the matterhorn.

* Favourite restaurant or mountain restaurant in Verbier/Zermatt
My favourite mountain restaurant is called the Restaurant Chez Vrony Alpenheim. In the town i really enjoy the simple but pleasant australian website called Nelly’s.

* Why did you choose Verbier/Zermatt?
I chose Zermatt last year to do my ski instructors course because it had some of the highest pistes around switzerland and friends told me that the skiing is always fantastic whatever the conditions. Mainly i chose Zermatt because of its superior size to other swiss resorts and i just knew that i would be able to ski and ski.

* What’s your top handy hint for anyone visiting Verbier/Zermatt
Try to purchase some rubber grips for the underside of your ski boots because the walking in town can wear down the plastic shell of your boots and the icy conditions are very hard to walk in otherwise.

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