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We’re so very, very, er, proud?

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As Ski Instructors we spend an awful lot of time training for exams, and then taking them.

And when we’re not doing either of those, we’re worrying about them…

So it’s brilliant news that Sandy – my flat mate and Top Northern ES Instructor – got back from Val D’Isere yesterday having passed his Grade One Technical exam, which is the very highest technical exam there is in the British system, and on a par with any exam that any country in the world has.

Impressive stuff.

So perhaps we can excuse the fact that he was feeding shots to complete strangers in The Pub last night (as well as Olly, above, who’s not a complete stranger, and also passed the One Tech – nice one mate).

Well he hasn’t got any lessons today, so maybe leaving Coco at 4 am isn’t so bad. Especially as he was aided and abetted by the boss…


PS it’s snowing and there are rumours of a big, filthy, dirty storm next week. Bring it on…


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