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Welcome to winter.

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Ok, it’s not that cold, but we are getting snow on and off, and with alarming regularity. Yesterday it closed in, snowing heavily in town.

And, although the snow wasn’t settling in resort, it’s all over the trees a little higher this morning.

It seems like every other night the view from Chateaux du Sandy et Guy has been coloured in white all the way to Médières, and sometimes to the valley floor. Not complaining though, although Sandy’s legs will need fake tan if we don’t get some proper spring weather…

On a different note, S Dog went to the Pub’s beach party last night, so we should get some disturbing pics from that (I choked and went home to hide).

And a certain website is forecasting snow, so instead of telling you now, I’m monitoring the fluctuations in their predictions, and on Friday we’ll compare what’s been suggested all week with the reality.

That’s not because you’ll be interested, it’s because I’m a bit of an anorak.

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