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Weathermen. Bless them.

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I know being a weatherman (or woman) is probably a desperately difficult job, one requiring a towering intellect and terrifying understanding of the Earth’s complicated and chaotic weather cycles.

However, the one’s responsible for telling us what’s going on seem to be a little behind the pace, because for the last week we’ve been looking at reports that have told us that we’re about to receive rain and cloud, and we’ve promptly enjoyed days of blistering sunshine and blue skies, with a few cotton wool clouds thrown in for aesthetic effect…

There are probably complex things happening in the stratosphere that make forecasting Verbier’s weather dead tricky, but the net result is that there are a lot of people walking round looking a bit like matchsticks – crimson faces supported by slightly pasty rest-of-thems.

(Sadly there are no photos today as I neglected to take my camera, so you’ll have to use your imaginations – just picture a photo with lots of blue in it, a load of dramatic mountains in the bottom bit, and lots of people swanning about with pink faces. Good isn’t it?).

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