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The ES party

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The biggest irony of training at the start of the season is that the week is punctuated by social events that have “”an inhibitive impact” on the training itself.

Still, despite the risk to our own personal performances, we still managed to sneak down to the T-Bar to say hi to everyone, and meet up with Verbier’s staff, both old and new (and, after consulting Dr Chris, indulge in a few medicinal shandies).

So thanks to everyone who joined us, and especially to Louis, who turns out to be something of a musical talent, as well as looking a bit like a roadie out of Spinal Tap…

…Louis belts out a few tunes.

…proof that boarders always wear hats.

…the Swedes getting patriotic.

…Sandy amazingly failed to fall over.

…and Toby was – once again – the model of professionalism, if not sobriety…

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