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Sustainable clothing rental

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Cirkel Supply Co.

Here at ES we strongly believe in reducing our environmental impact and finding eco-friendly alternatives when it comes to skiing. Did you know that on average, clothes are only worn seven times before being discarded? The clothing items we buy are responsible for a lot of greenhouse gases emissions, which is why we are proud to have partnered up with Cirkel Supply Co, a premium clothing rental company. This is a much more sustainable choice than buying new ski & snowboard clothes every other year and allows you to have fun wearing a different outfit every time you go on your skiing holiday!

So here is how Cirkel’s service works, a circular way to reduce the impact of your sports by renting premium outerwear.




How it works

Cirkel’s rental service is convenient, accessible, and sustainable. Simply choose your outfit on Cirkel’s platform, confirm your dates, and Cirkel will deliver the rental package directly to your destination. At checkout, you can select from a range of delivery options: e.g., Mountain Air (our ski rental partner), or your hotel. Cirkel can ensure safe rental delivery to most Swiss hotels and accommodation providers.


Check out Cirkel’s rental platform to view their high quality range of outerwear, midlayers and gloves from brands carefully selected for their sustainable practices.




Who it works for

FAMILIES. Because kids grow out of ski gear at lightning speed! Cirkel has premium rental options for babies, toddlers, kids, teens and adults.


OCCASIONAL ADVENTURERS. If you’re not on the mountain too often, rental saves you:

  • Time, thanks to Cirkel’s seamless ‘phygital’ ordering and delivery systems
  • The money you normally spend buying ski clothing
  • Storage space in your closet
  • The money and extra time you spend in queues when travelling with luggage


BEGINNERS. Those heading out on their first ski adventure and aren’t sure if they’ll make it for round two! Rental provides all the comfort with none of the commitment.


Is rental a sustainable alternative?

Because many skiers only get to the mountains for a week each winter, a huge amount of ski clothing sits in a closet for most of the calendar year. Cirkel enables those occasional adventurers to avoid buying clothes, reducing the impact of their next big trip.


A business model lifecycle assessment estimates that Cirkel’s rental service emits 76% less CO2 than linear sales. To find out why Cirkel is a sustainable alternative to buying, read about their study’s results and methods in Cirkel’s article.



Join the rental revolution

Read enough about rental? Join the rental revolution by ordering your premium rental outfit with Cirkel Supply Co. today.

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    Such a great alternative to buying!

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    Great service!

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