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Surviving training…

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Since the last (fantastic) dump of snow the whole school has been getting put through our collective paces in training.

Now we’re all massively excited to be back on the snow, but at the start of the week we were all, naturally, rather concerned at being thrown back into instructor training. Especially with the zebedeee-like Michel introducing lots of obscure Swiss techniques that look rather clever and stylish when performed correctly, but largely results in us tripping ourselves up and looking slightly uncomfortable.

But, if nothing else, it gives us the chance to bond through mutual humiliation…

Suffice to say, there has been a bar full of very smiley if exhausted instructors at the end of each day.

And the intensive training was taken in a new direction with the arrival of the equally zebedee-like Sean Langmuir. Sean is a highly respected BASI trainer who the boss brought in to help the development of our instructors planning on taking further exams this season.

Sean, and his unique hybrid Canadian/Highland accent, was a brilliant addition to the training team, and his input was a resounding success wit everyone, although Claire G advised us – in her customary Northern tones – “Stay clear of Sean – he’s a right sadist”. She does, however, share similar views on Michel, and most people that she secretly likes.

I know that in the last bog I might have gloated about Sandy taking a tumble, so it’s only fair that I admit I might have also “lost my footing” today. In my defence the ski just popped off. No warning. I did nothing wrong. Well, nothing I can remember, but it was all a bit of a blur.

On the plus side, Sandy also fell over again. Which leaves me leading 2 – 1 in the not-falling-over stakes.

We’re all off to the Pub Mont Fort for “nibbles and a drink” – I’ll let you know what colour Kato’s looking tomorrow.

(Sadly, there aren’t any new pics for you at the moment, although I have been made aware of Jules getting snapped in Bella’s rather fetching pink beanie at lunchtime in l’Olympique, as soon as it’s been located, it’ll be here…)

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