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Sun returns to Verbier

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blankSun returned at last to Verbier after a couple of days of rain and snow. Weekend crowds moved in to take advantage of the good weather and recent snowfall.

Huge drifts of snow up to 8m deep in places at Mont Fort have kept the top of the mountain closed due to the high avalanche risk. However Tortin was open for ther first time in several days and was crowded out with seekers of off-piste excellence.

Snow coverage on-piste is good but fairly compacted due to the rain and wet snow conditions below 2500m over the last couple of days. Low down and south facing areas are rather slushy inblank the afternoon and the run down to Medran is best avoided for the nervous at the end of the day.

Corporate groups have moved in to replace the half term holidaymakers but things are set to get quieter over the next couple of weeks. Blue skies are set to last just for today with the return of lower temperatures cloud and 5-10 cm of snow tomorrow. Later in the week we expect to see more snow Wednesday and Thursday with fairly low wind speeds.

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