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Some Fresh Snow. Tips for teaching your children to ski

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Clear skies this morning, a little fresh snow overnight – not what we had hoped for but not too bad. Teen Academy were skiing on blades today, always fun and a good way to try some new tricks. Laura Donaldson took charge today as freestyle is her thing (Ex British Olympic Freestyle Team)

Les Esserts was a busy ES spot this morning, four snowboard instructors working under Steve Grey’s watchful eye. Steve Grey directs ES’s snowboarding operations and holds the unusual distinction of being the first Brit to complete the SSBS Swiss Snowboarding top level exams. Father of three and floor fitter in the summer, Essex born Steve is slowly building a top quality team of pros.

Sanna, our first Finnish instructor, was also at les Esserts with a bunch of lucky British lads, helping them to get to grips with the snowplough. Also at Les Esserts were two 3 year old clients skiing with Louis and having a great time.

If you have young children and you are wondering at what point they will be ready to ski, a good guide is when they can walk down easy steps foot over foot not one step at a time. Also if your child is under five years old, more that two hours skiing is probably too tiring. Group lessons are available for this age group but we would recommend private lessons, if you can.
A good piece of kit to have is a tryski. The try ski is a simple device that keeps the tips of children’s skis together. This can speed their progression during the first couple of lessons. Usually opening the skis into a snowplough is difficult for children; the tryski just aids this and before you know it snowploughs are mastered.

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