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Neill Wilson

blankNeill is an encouraging skier who loves being part of the mini victories his guests achieve when skiing with him. From conquering the famous snow plough on their own to a top to bottom mogul run. Neill will get equally excited and strive to develop anyone’s skiing further.

Why did you choose to teach skiing?

I have always enjoyed coaching and learning new skills so I decided to get qualified! I haven’t looked back since!

What is your favourite restaurant in Zermatt?

For a relaxing break and great food, Blue Lounge is top of my list.

Where is your favourite part of Zermatt to ski?

In Zermatt my favourite place to go for a slide is the Schwarzsee area…although Furggsattel on a clear blue sky day is hard to beat.
This question is too hard, next please.

What do you do in the summer?

I change what I do most summers, from roofing work to working in an opticians.

What top handy tip do you have for anyone visiting Zermatt?

We’re very high here and when it gets cold it can get very cold! There is no replacement for layered clothing, specific ski socks and ski gloves.

Why did you pick Zermatt?

There are many resorts but none quite like this one, Zermatt has a super comfortable vibe, great skiing, great food and a mountain that has been photographed more times than a new born baby.

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