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Letting off steam

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As a general rule of thumb, if you take 30 ski instructors up a mountain, fill them up with wine and cheese, top it off with a couple of shots, and then hand them a sledge and tell them to meet you in Medran, the results are fairly predictable.

However – agaiunst all the odds – the annual ES staff meal was an injury free experience, and the only notable problem was Sandy moaning abou a tiny bruise when he (rather unsurprinigly) rolled his sled (prooving once again that he can fall over almost anywhere and anyhow).

Suffice to say, much of the evening’s events are top secret, but here’s what the bits we can show you loked like…

The boys go to work…

Table One prepares to raid neighbouring table Two’s supply of cheese…

Toby “rewards” notable instructors (congratulations to Olly D on being voted “most likely to be the next gay James Bond”. We’re all very proud).

Caroline looks beautiful, whilst Kato sadly doesn’t seem to have quite mastered the look…

Snow’s coming a bit Tuesday and Wednesday and some more serious stuff on Friday… Meanwhile rumours are spreading that the ‘100 year storm’ is on it’s way…

(And Gus and I want to make it clear that we won the race up to the retaurant, even if nobody else was aware that there was a race.)

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