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It’s been quiet – too quiet – on the blog

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Yes, it’s been half term carnage in Verbier – and everywhere else actually. Which means the blog’s been a bit light on news.

Although, it’s not been that busy, really. Televerbier are excitedly bandying around figures in the hundreds of thousands relating to how many people went through the area over last weekend, but the queues haven’t been too bad.

OK, we’ve had a few hotspots first thing in the morning, and the run into resort is still the lottery it’s always been, but a pretty chilled week in spite of the huge numbers floating about.

I’m starting to wonder where they actually go – perhaps there’s a wormhole somewhere on Greppon Blanc that billions of people disappear into each day.

Whatever the reason, queuing has been minimal. Which is nice.

And speaking of nice, the weather’s been phenomenal. Deceptively cold air temperature, but then boiling in the sun. Laaarvely. Have a picture. In fact, have two:



And next week looks set to be calmer still – although, due to the staggered holidays across Europe, there should be quite a few people about over the next fortnight.

So right now we’re getting the wagons in a circle and bracing ourselves for the Parrisians… Still, on the evidence so far, we’ve got nothing to worry about. Apart, perhaps, from some poor queuing etiquette.

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