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Interview with Sandy MacLaren

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* Why do you choose to teach snowsports?
I watched Aspen Extreme when I was 12 years old.  At the end of the film I looked at myself in the mirror and said “I will be TJ Burke”  Almost there, minus the terrible acting and 80’s electro soundtrack

* What do you do in the summer?
Hibernate till the next winter.

* Favourite part of Verbier/Zermatt to ski/ride
For a pure, seat of your pants, “oh my god, I may not make it out alive” adrenaline rush Mont Gele is unbeatable.  Also, Tortin has some of the best bump lines I have ever skied.

* Favourite restaurant or mountain restaurant in Verbier/Zermatt
Carrefour. Who should I eat next? Skippy or Bambi

* Why did you choose Verbier/Zermatt?
I have been in Verbier for 5 seasons and I still find new places to ski every day. I love working for ES, we have a great team of instructors and Verbier offers everyone an awesome holiday experience. Also, my T-bar card does not expire for another few seasons so I may as well keep on coming back. “ONE MORE SONG!!”

* What’s your top handy hint for anyone visiting Verbier/Zermatt
Get up early! A blast from Attelas to Ruinettes when it is quiet will clear the most stubborn of hang-overs