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Interview with Nick Davies

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* Why do you choose to teach snowsports?
Apart from the obvious things around meeting new people, seeing the enjoyment on people’s faces, the love of the mountains, being able to impart my enthusiasm for something onto others and understanding how the technical aspects of a sport work…it must be standing on the Zermatt glacier teaching snow-plough in -29C plus windchill!

* What do you do in the summer?
Project Director for a Safari Park and Lodge investment fund in Botswana (the lodges not the investment fund). Basically involves meeting architects, conservationists, government officials and private hunters to agree the way to develop c.75000ha of virgin wilderness in the north of Botswana.

* Favourite part of Verbier/Zermatt to ski/ride
Ripping down freshly groomed furgsattel is a simple joy. Best piste is the itinerary Rio – when it is open…  And of course a chopper ride to the top of the Monte Rosa and a ski down

* Favourite restaurant or mountain restaurant in Verbier/Zermatt
In order:

1=) Findlerhof – Brilliant food and lovely people. Absolutely charming!

1=) Fluhalp – The most fun you can have on the mountain. Almost. Certainly while sitting down. Or dancing on a table.

1=) Blatten – Delightful cooking and a great little restaurant. Nicely sheltered and with lovely views of the Matterhorn.

I think…

* Why did you choose Verbier/Zermatt?
Matterhorn. Mountain Restaurants. Teaching in -29C on the glacier. And a more sophisticated resort than Verbier.

* What’s your top handy hint for anyone visiting Verbier/Zermatt
Peak weeks…book your restaurants well in advance. Or let us do it for you by contacting the office!

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