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How windy?

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Yesterday was a bit of a mix really.

We started off on the Mayentzet chair and it was raining. Rubbish.

But by the time we reached the top we were in the snow. No wind either. Improving.

So we headed up La Combe and whilst you could see the snow ok below us, it looked a bit foggy up top, then the wind started to pick up. Worrying.

So by the time we got up the Atalas (James Blunt) chair, it was blowing an absolute gale and visability was down to about 20 feet. If you were lucky. But it really was very, very, VERY windy.

And then? Naturally the sun came out. Bizarre.

A funny day really, and although there’s more wind forecast over the coming week, the Oli D prediction of snow is still looking likely.

Meanwhile, the sun’s out again this morning. Which is nice.

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