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El Nino – La Nina 2015 Round Up

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There is a lot of pre season chat in the ski world about El Nino and what an epic ski season is on it’s way. Great news potentially for the Alps! Thought I’d pull together some articles to update everyone on the coming El Nino and what it could mean for the winter.

What is El Nino? El Nino is a warming in the eastern pacific which leads to extreme weather events around the world. Ski seasons tend to be good in Europe.  In 97/98, there was powder day after powder day and amazing ski conditions across the Alps.  It could happen it might not, lets round up some information.  The official El Nino Wikipedia Page is here.

Powder magazine casts a sceptical eye here

El Nino from the UK

Explanation from the UK’s Met Office

Here is a good piece from the UK’s BBC.

El Nino from the US

Here is a post from Powder quest a company doing trips to Chile with a US bias.

Here is the US  El Nino official page.

Another US Video featuring La Nina

lets hope we have a great ski season.

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