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You see, there’s a lot to talk about, really.

On one hand there’s the phenomenal heavy snow falling which has closed the resort, and on the other, there’s the early season shenanigans as all the ES staff have suddenly descended on Verbier.

So today you can choose your blog. Enjoy:

Blog A – the snow.

As Louis started to belt his first gig of the year last night in T-Bar, we couldn’t help but notice that it was starting to snow a little – modest, slushy snow that had a go a settling.

But then failed.

A bit pathetic really.

By the time Louis finished, those shy, quiet snowflakes had turned into big, aggressive, shameless ones that landed and settled wherever they fancied. Delinquent snow with an attitude problem. Snow that stole the other snow’s dinner money.

This morning it was carnage, snow everywhere, cars skidding up and down the street – the snow was definitely in charge. About 30 cm of it was loitering all over resort and sniggering when you fell over.

Equally aggressive winds had also shut all the lifts. So our Instructor Training Week was suspended and everyone toddled off home to stare out of their windows, then look up weather forecasts online.

Over and over again.

Since lunch it’s been hammering it down and doesn’t look like stopping ‘til tomorrow, and those high winds are going to carry on creating havoc all night.

And every time you step outside you get attacked by the sort of flakes that could take your eye out.

It’s brilliant.


Blog B – the shenanigans.

As if by magic, just before it starts hammering down with snow, the resort has filled up with staff. Old faces, new faces, and the odd comedy beard have descended on resort, and everyone’s wandering round desperately trying to remember people’s names.

It also means that the campest man in resort is back – yes Louis’ here, and he played his inaugural gig at the T-Bar was last night.

And he’s still a bit good. Annoyingly. But he is rubbish at growing facial hair. So in that sense it all evens out…

(Please God he never grows the ‘moustache’ again).

It also means that Kato is out and about as his spiritual home Casbah has opened up. A messy night, as usual.

And Taras has been transformed into “The Swankiest Nightclub in the Alpes”.

Whilst we don’t really know what that means, we do know it’s going to be called The Coco Club, and judging by the amount of work going into it, it’s going to be very impressive in deed.

We’ll let you know more as soon as Jimmy let’s us in…

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