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A pretty amazing day

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As you may or may not be aware, the training for Ski Instructors is a very lengthy and ongoing process, and we all have to keep taking modules and assessments.

Which is why six of ES’s instructors have disappeared off on an Off-piste Mountain Safety course for the week.

Suffice to say, the skies have been perfect and blue, and there’s been a lot of bouncing down the off-piste, as well as looking at maps, climbing up things and digging snow pits, whilst all the time Roy (our guide and trainer) makes wise and intelligent observations, tells us about avalanches, animal tracks and all the kind of stuff that only he and Grizzly Adams know about.

And so far – with two days of the six completed – everybody’s walking around grinning a lot. Hopefully the grins will still be about after Thursday and Friday’s assessments.

Here’s what it looks like when six instructors get handed a load of maps and are sent up a mountain with the most enthusiastic man on earth…


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