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A day out of Verbier

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Bruson is great – ok, maybe a bit icy, and there are the T-bars, but still great. And it’s covered by your Verbier lift pass, so we popped over today for a look.

The lift takes you to Le Chable, get the bus over and head up on the old-and-knackered-but-cool two-man chair.

It’s not too high, but it’s SO quiet it’s unbelievable.

However, if you go over – and you should – get the bus back to Chable. The ski down the tracks can be a little ‘agricultural’…

Oh, and don’t get up three hours late with a hangover and miss the bus.

And don’t go with Iggy and Stef.

The lads at the top:


The snow disappears en route to Chable:

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