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Snow, sun, warm, cold: a bit of everything

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Easter has turned out to be a bit of a changeable affair – one minute you’re freezing in a white-out and regretting getting out of bed that day, the next you’re baking, turning crimson and wishing you’d put on suncream.

And so it continues – the snow is brilliant, especially up high, and we had yet another fall last night so the snow that was melted on the trees has been replaced, making everything look laaaaarvely.

And when the clouds clear it’s decidedly above average.

Apart from that, we’re all still feeling pretty chuffed that the school raised 26,000 CHF for disabled skiing last week, and we’ve also all been sitting around in the t-bar debating whether or not are over-predicting snowfalls on purpose just to mess with our heads, or if they just get it wrong a lot.

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