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The most wonderful time of the year…

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No, not Christmas – although that was great, the real cause for celebration was the opening of Farinet Apres Ski.

Yes, beer-swilling, table-dancing, and drinking-shots-from-the-bottle are all back with an army of happy Apres-Skiers ready to join in.

Now, Apres Ski being Apres Ski, there was carnage.

First the sliding roof wouldn’t close before the bands came on, so lots of very serious looking blokes hung from the rafters with crowbars tring deperately to get it fixed.

Secondly, while the workman looked troubled, the girls behind the bar decided to calm the baying and by now slightly excitable crowd, by standing on the bar and pouring shots into the nearest passing mouths. Naturally, this only fuelled the caranage.

Then it all kicked off with The White Lines and The Dicktators whipping up the crowd further. Bizarre and stunning – there are things in life you never expect to see, and for me it was always a band of Santas wearing army helmets and belting out AC/DC tunes.

There are pictures to show how the night unfolded, but sadly they’re in my camera, which slipped from my fingers around 9pm and disappeared underneath a hundred pairs of highly mobile ski boots.

It has since been recovered and we should be dragging the shots from it’s tattered memory stick tomorrow, so don’t panic. It’s worth the wait…

Finally, of course, something happened to Kato – he apparently landed on his head after trying to dance upside down in Casbar later that night.


Sadly it’s unlikely there are any shots of this, mangled or otherwise…

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