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New for this season 2018/19 is our group size for ES Penguins at JUST 4 per instructor, our smallest group size. This will make sure that your little one gets the attention they need, whilst learning and playing in a fun, on-snow environment with friends.

To celebrate, we are asking for your ideas to Name the Penguin. Penguin’s new name will be announced in our next newsletter and the prize for the name chosen will be a lovely cuddly stuffed toy Penguin (with baby Penguins for runners up).

To enter the competition, send your ideas to [email protected], together with your reasons. Look out for Penguin on the slopes this winter, with their new name! See the story below:

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The Lonely Penguin.

High up in the snowy mountains there was a dark, mysterious cave. There had been rumours that a lonely Penguin lived in there all alone, never to be seen. The Penguin was curious about the world outside but was shy and nervous to go out and explore. This made the Penguin sad. That was until one day some kids came sliding around on two long planks of wood. What are they doing?  the Penguin thought. They were laughing and having fun, jumping and sliding, and giggling and gliding. Something had to be done.
The Penguin decided to be brave and ventured outside. Wearing a blue woolly hat the Penguin stepped out in to the fluffy winter wonderland. It was beautiful, the trees were white with snow, as were the little chalets roofs and the mountains were shiny and glittering.
The lonely Penguin got closer and closer and the children’s laughter was getting louder. Perhaps the Penguin didn’t need to be scared after all.
When the children saw the Penguin, they stopped and ran over with smiles on their faces. “Come and join us, we are skiing!” they said with excitement in their voices. The lonely Penguin stood and thought for a minute. It would be great to make new friends, and skiing looked fun too! There was just one thing that was in need of fixing… What would the children call the Penguin?

The Penguin needed a name.




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