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This Easter bunny is the most expensive you’ll ever own; however you won’t regret it because the memory will be cherished long after the price is forgotten.

80% of our instructors are usually out delivering private lessons, while 20% of them are working on our famous Kids Academy. Regulars clients, and there are lots, know that at the end of the week over Easter we sometimes give away Easter Easter bunnies in the goodie bags.

A lot of people have decided that, as Easter is officially in the second half of April, maybe it is too late to go skiing. The smart ones know a secret that I’m going to share with you now. So when is Easter 2019?

In 325AD the Council of Nicaea established that Easter should be observed on the first Sunday following the first full moon after the spring equinox (March 21).   This year the full moon fell just before 21 March, meaning a late Easter.  Therefore, because the first full Moon after March 21 doesn’t occur until April 19this year, Easter Sunday 2019 falls on Sunday, April 21!

This may be pushing it for a Easter ski break certainly.  But here, and it’s bad news for the Council of Nicaea but good news for you, is the secret.  Leading schools have thrown caution to the wind and abandoned their term dates link with the almighty.  Or at least that bit controlled by the dictates of those roguish 4th Century Nicaeane trouble makers.


30th March
Rugby School
Thomas’s London
Kings Canterbury

29th March
Tapton Sheffield

But is the snow good? Yes, as I type I’m visiting our school in Zermatt, taking the train because there is 30cm of snow in town and much more up the mountain. Yesterday I skied to Nendaz from Verbier and had fresh tracks on “Tortin”, when we got there, swam in Nendaz spa’s outdoor pool (a great day’s excursion from Verbier that we were testing) and it was snowing there too!

So what else will you do? Go to your summer haunt? Bad idea, South of France is too cold to swim, you know I’m right.  Hardiness aside here are the water temperatures as I write;

Biarritz 12.8c Max 15.8 in April*
Sanary Sur Mer 13.9c today with a project max of 15.9 in April*
Ibiza 15.9 with a max of 17 in April and 27 in August

Easter sun in nowhere nearly as good as Easter skiing.

And who wants to be wandering about in half closed seaside resorts when you could be having all the fun imaginable in Verbier or Zermatt.  Skiing in the morning and enjoying our great mountain restaurants in the afternoon.

The What: Kids Academy will be running and we have special 4 hr private lessons for those looking for a longer morning and a relaxed later lunch.  Or go for an all day private and make the most out of the day.

So yes – book that accommodation, book in some ski lessons for you and your children, and we’ll have that bunny waiting.

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