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Tips to make your holiday eco-friendlier.

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It is hard not to think about our environmental impact nowadays, so why would your holiday in the mountains be an exception? There are great alternatives out there: from transport, to lodging without forgetting activities and gear rental. Read our article to learn more about it!



Source: European Snowsport

So where does your sustainable journey in the mountains begin?

Some resorts are particularly working on being more sustainable and the best examples in Switzerland are probably Zermatt, car-free since 1970, and Verbier, where almost all the resort is powered by local hydro-electric power.


Both Zermatt and Verbier, as well as pretty much every ski resort in Switzerland is accessible by train which is by far the greenest way to travel. The Swiss train company runs direct trains from Geneva to Verbier every weekend. You arrive into the same area where you take the ski lift and can go directly to the slopes.  Zermatt has good connections from both Zurich and Geneva, and you arrive into the centre of Zermatt village.

On average, a train journey emits twenty-seven times less CO2 and requires six times less energy than travel by car. There is also something magical about reaching the resort you’re visiting by train, looking at the beautiful landscapes and the majestic mountains outside the window.

Did you know that to travel even more lightly and comfortably by train, you can send all your luggage to your destination for a very small fee? Check out all the SBB luggage services on their website.


Eco hotels and ski chalets are becoming more and more popular in the ever-competitive world of attracting winter holiday makers. Why not choose an accommodation that is solar powered and made from renewable materials? The ultra-modern and energy self-sufficient Monte Rosa Mountain Refuge near Zermatt, or the “carbon negative” Mad Mount Hotel in Nendaz are great options. If you are looking for more upscale accommodation, Lagom properties in Verbier source their items responsibly and retain 1% of all revenue to contribute towards local sustainability and community projects. Last but not least, CERVO’s unique concept around nature in Zermatt is one of a kind. 99% of its energy is geothermal and all the waste heat is reused in the hotel operations.



Source: Design Hotels Cervo Mountain Resort

Now that accommodation and travel are sorted, let’s talk about your snow gear. Most of us just spend one or two weeks per year in the mountains, so why not try something new and start renting? This is a much more sustainable choice than buying new ski & snowboard clothes every other year, doesn’t take up space in your wardrobe at home and allows you to have fun wearing a different outfit every time you go on your skiing holiday! Simply choose your outfit on the Cirkel’s platform, confirm your dates, and Cirkel will deliver the rental package directly to your destination. Also, renting your skis or snowboard and boots allows you to be equipped with the latest and best gear on the market.  In Verbier we recommend renting at Mountain Air, in Zermatt Glacier Sport and in the 3 Vallées White Storm. Ski equipment is still very hard to recycle, but on a promising note: last fall Rossignol launched The Essential Ski, the first recyclable skis on the market.


Time for some fun on the snow now!

We offer a week-end club in Verbier, for likeminded skiers to ski together on Saturdays.  Or how about booking a kid-friendly instructor in one of our resorts so that your little ones can discover the joys of skiing or snowboarding?

We have all been witnessing how climate change is affecting the nature around us, so if you are interested in understanding the mountains better, how to read the snow and gain some avalanche awareness, book an experienced instructor who will be happy to share their knowledge.



Source: European Snowsport

Is there any better way to finish a great day on the slopes than with a delicious meal shared with friends or family? Probably not, and here again your choice can make a difference. More and more restaurants try to work with local ingredients and put vegetables at the centre of their dishes. It is also a great way to experience the local gastronomy and the creativity of a new generation of chefs. Some of our favourite ones are Stockhorn by the Rex and VegiStube in Zermatt, and in Verbier Cuisine 22 or Arctic Juice.


We hope you enjoyed reading this article and that you will try out some of these ideas next time you plan your holiday!



Source: European Snowsport

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