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Well, I know it’s pretty frustrating sitting at home and hearing stories about how amazing the weather / snow / parties / views / etc are in Verbier.

And today is no different, so apologies in advance. But at least you can take some comfort from the fact that all of the information I’ve got is coming second hand, as I’m back in the UK after going to a wedding at the weekend.

I mean, who gets married in December, when they know the resort’s open? Grant and Caroline, you’ve got a lot to answer for…

Anyway, this means I know exactly how you feel, after Toby called me to say he thinks that by the time it stops snowing (in Vebier, not Birmingham) there’ll be about 1 meter of fresh snow in resort, and that’s on top of everything that fell a week ago.

Thanks for that. I’m delighted for you, mate.

Still, it’s a brilliant start, and none of us here at ES can really remember such a good start to the season (possibly with the exception of Pascal, who’s been here for ever. Maybe longer).

So have a look at the picture Toby took out of his window earlier, and when you’ve finished sulking, remember that this is the base that we’re all still going to be skiing on by the time April comes around, so you’ll get your chance…


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