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Steve Hindman

Ski instructor in Zermatt
Steve started out skiing with laced up leather boots on the slopes of a small resort in the US state of Pennsylvania. Initially, Steve wasn’t too fond of having to lace up his boots everyday and be dragged up the slopes by the rope tow. That was until a kid with the same ski coat as him tore past and within days the ski patrol had to chase the two down for going too fast. Since then, skiing has become a passion for Steve which has kept him on the slopes for over forty years, instructing and sharing the joy of sliding around on snow. During that time Steve has been a top instructor in Telluride, Colorado, directed a ski and  snowboard school near Seattle, spent 12 years on the US (PISA) demo team, created and ran a cross-country ski zone near Mount Baker in Washington State. 

Steve loves meeting and connecting with every client and creating an experience that puts a smile on their face, joy into their motion and a sparkle in their eyes as they discover the same passion which has kept Steve on the slopes for forty years. 

Steve loves alpine, telemark and cross country skiing.

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