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Saga Stenberg

Saga is an easy-going and charming Swedish girl who has worked as a ski instructor since 2016 in Sweden. She’s been skiing in the Alps since she was a little girl and is excited about this season in Verbier. Saga is eager to help you advance on whatever level you are on. She can assist you from your first time on skis to helping advance your technique, and if you want, maybe teach you a trick in the park!

Why did you choose to teach snowsports?

It was when I joined my local ski club in Sweden I knew I wanted be an intructor. The instructors in the club had a great coherence that was reflected on us students, they were excellent skiers and seemed so cool and friendly. I wanted to be just like them.

What makes you special as a ski instructor?

I think what makes me special is that I’ve worked with a lot of different people; childen, adults, people with language barriers etc. I like to talk to and have fun with anyone!

Why did you choose Verbier?

I chose Verbier because there’s a lot of good skiing and fun people here!




Customer Reviews
  • Julia Hoggarth

    Saga is a great ski instructor. She is so loving and fun. My daughter adored her and was looking forward to every lesson. She is a great member of ES team.

  • Father of two

    I cannot express enough how amazing Saga was as a ski instructor for my kids! From the very first lesson, it was clear that Saga was not only an expert skier, but also an expert in teaching children how to ski.
    Saga took the time to get to know my kids and their individual strengths and weaknesses, and then tailored her lessons accordingly. She started from the very basics and gradually built up their confidence and skills over the course of the lessons. Her teaching style was clear and easy to follow, and she provided constructive feedback in a positive and encouraging way.
    But what really sets Saga apart is her personality – she is patient, kind, and just so much fun to be around. My kids absolutely adored her and looked forward to their lessons each day. Even when they struggled, Saga never lost her cool or got frustrated, but instead found new ways to help them overcome their challenges.
    Thanks to Saga’s guidance and support, my kids have not only become confident skiers, but they also have a love for the sport that I hope will stay with them for life. I would highly recommend Saga to anyone looking for a skilled and passionate ski instructor for their children.

  • Jonas Glimhed

    A great instructor who really cares about the children can strongly recommend Saga

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