Colin Laudenbach

Colin has been teaching skiing since he was 19 years old and is still as excited and enthusiastic as ever to put skis on again each year. He’s an Australian who goes back ‘down under’ for the summers to enjoy surfing, fishing,and golfing. His teaching career has seen him working in USA, Canada, Austria, Andorra, Switzerland, Australia and New Zealand. Colin is a firm believer that mileage on the right terrain with the right focus is what takes a skier to the next level. You won’t spend your days standing around when you ski with Colin.

Colin’s clients say:“My two daughters (5 and 8) had never been on skis before and had 1:1 lessons with …… and Colin (8). Both instructors were great and I was delighted to see my eldest daughter confidently doing parallel turns down a gentle red after 6 days. Thank you guys!”